Choosing the most appropriate clothes for any occasion can become a guns-butter choice. Do you choose one which is essentially of aesthetic value or do you focus on functional aspects? The issue gets dicey at functions and events where you need to look decorative, but must make yourself useful. Of course, there are many kinds of ethnic wear which allow for ease of movement. A chania-choli or pathani suit or an anarkali suit can be worn comfortably since they don’t need you to sit or stand in one place, but can be as dressy as you desire.

Look Regal, but Be Comfortable


Heavy silks make you look regal. There are several kinds of Indian designer suits which use a combination of silk, lycra, and net or lace to create swanky outfits which still lend themselves to running around getting work done during an event. For example, an anarkali suit which has a nearly floor length top, lycra churidar, and a silk jacket teamed with a net dupatta would make you look alluring without your having to turn into a wax statue. Such suits are usually distinguished with intricate resham embroidery all over the front, neck, and back of the top.

The use of colors and materials can make even an understated design look flamboyant; while a densely decorated suit can look subtle with the use of soft pastel shades and delicate materials which are suitably lined. This is why designs for wedding suits for women normally use heavy silks and satins as a base. However, the choice of colors has to be cautious to avoid looking garish. Peach, beige, turquoise, fawn, and lilac are some of the colors that are finding favor with designers and customers.

Ensure the Material is Weather Appropriate

It is vital that the material used for the wedding suit is weather appropriate. Velvet, Banarasi brocades, and satin are excellent for winter weddings. However, a summer wedding means that you need to choose materials like chanderi, and light silks, even georgette, crepe, or chiffon which has a matching underlay, or richly embroidered cambric. However, you should avoid synthetic fabrics and stick to natural ones.

Salwar kameez suits and lehengas have come a long way in terms of design and style. Keep your wardrobe up to date with an eye on the colors and styles currently in favor. Ensure that the workmanship is top class, and that the finish is virtuoso.