Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder says an old proverb. There’s no harm in adding to that inner glow by wearing something that complements your personality to catch the attention of people around you. Who doesn’t relish attention, especially appreciative attention? When the materials used are top of the line, the designs are unique, and the colors used are distinctive, then you know you have the right kind of clothes. If it is a Banarasi saree, then what could be better?

Look Resplendent Without Looking Showy


When you wear pure Banarasi sarees you know you’ll look resplendent, not gaudy. Typically, real Banarasi sarees have six to eight inches of plain silk brocade and are popular for their gold zari, silver brocade, fine silk, and opulent embroidery. You don’t have to stick with the usual reds and maroons, but can choose from tangerine, crimsons, royal blues, fuchsia, burgundy, magenta, purple, sky blue, coral, or emerald too. Indian designs are mixed with Persian motifs to create the distinct pattern that characterize Banarasi sarees. Originally, real gold and silver threads were used to make the zari, so that only royal or aristocratic families could afford a Banarasi saree.

Nowadays, the materials used to make Banarasi sarees have also changed enabling people to choose in accordance with their means and consonant with the weather. Heavy and warm fabrics like rich brocades, velvets, and silk are appropriate for winter; while organza, net, and georgette are more suitable for summer. However, the real zardosi Banarasi saree needs a sturdier base like pure silk to support all those brocade motifs and heavy border.

Exquisitely Designed Sarees That Reflect Elegance

You get such ravishing designs and colors that quite a few people are unaware that zardosi work is a specialized job which can’t be done by just anybody. Meenakari and gota patti are some of the styles which need zardosi work. While many designers make informed usage of zardosi designs; some just use them as embellishments along with sequins, mirror work, gemstones. What really sets apart Banarasi sarees from others is the fact that each piece is handwoven ensuring that no two pieces look the same. The machine-made ones are fake, not genuine Banarasis.

Festivities, celebrations, events, almost any occasion except funerals are perfect for wearing a Banarasi saree. They define class and perfection. So, what are you waiting for? Check online for the  best Banarasi sarees available which also suit your pocket.