Sarees have their own distinctive allure. Every lady has her special way of draping it. Some drape them so as to conceal their figure; while others do so in a manner calculated to highlight an hourglass or willowy figure. The savvy ones drape them in accordance with the material; the occasion, and their own age and status. For festive occasions and weddings, the all-time favorites remain the heavy silk sarees, especially the Banarasis with their brocade work that might show up as motifs or as filigree borders.

The Sarees with a Touch of Class

banarasisareesThe most carping critic will admit that Banarasi silk sarees have a touch of class, not just because they are pricey. There are several reasons why Banarasi sarees are so high priced; chief among them is the heavy silk on which the brocade work is done. Both the silk and the brocade need to be hand woven. Machine woven silks are too light to take the weight of zardosi embroidery. The heaviest they can take is a light, narrow brocade net border. When the saree length is peppered with gota, or brocade leaves, or have brocade designs woven into the silk; it makes for a very heavy saree. It is calculated to capture everyone’s attention, and needs a heavy silk base.

Such sarees never go out of fashion. One major reason is that the weavers who traditionally make Banarasi sarees have been adapting to changing tastes over the past few decades. It is now possible to get even Kota sarees with typical Banarasi brocade work or borders on them; albeit the embroidery and the borders will be very light. Since the best Kota sarees use silk thread, it is possible to create Banarasi Kota sarees.

Stay Traditional, Yet Fashionable

However, most of the latest Banarasi sarees are still created on a pure silk base. Some of the options available include royal blue multicolor Banarasi silk hand woven sarees; Banarasi silk sarees which have gold floral motifs and a gold zari border; black hand crafted Banarasi zari weave on butter silk sarees; Banarasi silk sarees with pink floral motifs and a gold zari border; and the off-white and pink pure Banarasi zari hand woven sarees.

With numerous options with regard to colors and designs, you couldn’t ask for more. The fact you are usually not told is you actually have such a vast range to choose from, that you will easily find something that suits your taste as well as your pocket. Whatever be the occasion, you will look grand in a Banarasi saree.