The style statement which has defied changing fashions through the millennia is the saree. You can look in sync with the image you want to project when you are draped in a saree. Demure, chic, traditional, fashionista, sexy, sophisticated, willowy – the kind of saree you choose, and the manner in which you drape it, will define the image. In fact, the saree can create just that desired aura which makes you the head turner you are. As with other kinds of attire, the materials and the colors used go a long way in generating the desired impact.

Fulfill Your Expectations

banarasisareeDelectable designer Banarasi sarees are the kind of apparel likeliest to fulfill your expectations in terms of quality and impression created. Traditionally, Banarasi sarees have been the preferred option for weddings; especially traditional Hindu weddings. However, the designer ones are the very crème de la crème amongst them. The richness of the silks used; the intricacy of the zardosi work; the gorgeous colors all combine to produce a piece which would make you want to preen like a peacock.

Whether it is a meenakari on Kora silk or a cream and red pure silk saree, any Banarasi saree has a touch of class. Don’t be too surprised if the other invitees or extended family members suddenly begin to turn quite green. However, it is vital that you match your stunning saree with the right kind of blouse. There couldn’t be a bigger let down than seeing a beautiful lady wearing an equally beautiful saree, but with an ordinary cotton blouse. Instead of looking fabulous, you could end up looking dowdy. Try matching your designer saree with an embroidered blouse or else at least a silk one.

Look Amazing Even in Summer

Usually a summer event or wedding brings in its train its own set of headaches. You definitely don’t want to wear heavy silks on a sultry summer evening. That is the best time to opt for georgette Banarasi sarees which allow you to look amazing despite the sweltering heat. And, to create the right effect, you should wear very light make up and sport equally delicate accessories. Don’t use the occasion to flaunt the contents of an overstocked jewelry box. It is up to you to choose from dark colors or pastels shades. The colors you wear should suit the occasion and flatter your skin tone. Turquoise, creams, peach, light pinks and oranges, pale lemon yellow the choices are many.